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name greyson wheng date of birth & age 11 november / 33 comicverse dick grayson / robin i / nightwing occupation former (f)bi agent, currenly a lawyer martial status single sexuality eh.
grey wheng was raised in a sleepy southern town by a small family, where not very many people looked like him and he managed to stand out. his family was on the smaller side as well and, more often than not, grey found himself bored out of his mind. with an overly active brain, grey often found it difficult to sit still as well as focus on tasks given to him. often, grey was referred to as 'difficult' and 'a handful', due to adults not quite understanding how to handle or what to do with the boy who seemed to have endless energy.

what else grey did have was a thirst for knowledge and challenges, something that seemed to be difficult to provide him in that little town. nobody quite understood him, which further complicated things for the little boy, who had what seemed to be an endless stream of qualities that set him apart from other children in his age group. he was, according to many, a 'troublemaker' due to his restless nature. a brilliantly advanced mind, but trouble.

any lessons and activities he was enrolled in, grey managed to excel. there wasn't a challenge he couldn't meet head-on and absolutely steamroll his way through. his parents did his best to keep him active and as busy as they could, which led to the young boy having vast interests and talents. while he wasn't good at every little thing he tried, as he grew older, his ability to adapt and pick up on things began to show their benefits more.

his parents did decide to try to do a little more for their son. so they packed up their things and moved cross country to a place where they, at least, felt he was able to push and challenge himself more than he could back home. it was a tough decision to make, but grey was much happier and contented for it. the adjustment took some time, but grey settled into west coast life mostly fine.

grey eventually graduated from high school and moved on to college, a little earlier than his peers. there, he spent the next few years as both a student athlete and on the path of law. the combination of the two meant he was consisently busy and occupied; the was involved with numerous other school activities as well and he was a star student once he was more in his element. it had been a long road from his childhood, but he was making it quite nicely.

by the time grey finished college, he found himself on an unexpected path: on his way to quantico in order to be an fbi agent. it was something he'd decided on by junior year of college, but actively pursuing it was another story entirely. getting through the training was a struggle in some ways, but not others. physical challenges, challenges that required his intellect, those he was fine with doing. but the ones that challenged his emotional strength were a little more difficult; grey wasn't quite 'hardened' enough to handle them initially, but stubbornness made him push through and deal. grey became determined to see things through and to push his own limits.

his stubbornness paid off in graduating from the agency. the years of training did manage to harden him in a lot of ways, make him much less sensitive and susceptible to things. over the years, he was exposed to some of the worst people and biggest monsters the world had to offer, pushed to his own limits, and it led to him joining an elite group of people who made it not only through training, but graduated well.

unfortunately, his time in training didn't entirely translate to his time in the field. while grey was still a good -- excellent, even -- agent, his personal beliefs and values kept seeping through. actively training versus actively working ended up being very different for him and once grey had to apply his training to the real world, he didn't take it quite so well. he found it much more difficult to separate who he was as a person and the things that he was being asked to do for his work than he thought he would, but for the time being, he was 'locked in' to the program.

after grey left his job, it was, essentially, years wasted. to make up for that and to feel as if he was doing something with his life and after moving to boston, he started work at a local organization to set to work as a pro bono lawyer. for him, it helped him to right what, he felt, were some wrongs he had done as an agent.

Richard "Dick" Grayson is a member of the Batman Family who has been a superhero most of his life and held several aliases. His parents were the Flying Graysons, acrobats performing with him alongside in the traveling Haly's Circus. They were tragically murdered by a mobster in Gotham City named Tony Zucco, and millionaire Bruce Wayne adopted him as his legal ward at a very young age. [...]

- his name, Grey, is similar to Grayson.
- is a child prodigy, much like Dick taking well to learning from Bruce.
- has a dog named Ace.
- Dick was a police officer at one point, Grey worked as an FBI Agent.
- His birthday is (one of) Dick's.


ABILITIES Genius Level Intellect Espionage Peak Human Condition
- Peak Human Strength
- Peak Human Stamina
- Peak Human Agility
- Peak Human Endurance
- Peak Human Reflexes
- Peak Human Speed
- Peak Human Durability
- Marksman
- Acrobatics
- Detective
- Weapons
- Escapism
- Tactician
- Stealth
- Hacker
- Marial Arts
Indomitable Will Multilingualism Swordsmanship ITEMS COSTUMES
- Nightwing's Suit
- Nightwing's Boots
- Nightwing's Mask
- Nightwing's Guantlets
- Batsuit
- Utility Belt
- EMP Mask
- Wingcycle
- Nightwing's Car
-Eskrima Sticks
-Wing Dings